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Current Topics in Internal Medicine and Women's Health

Royal Caribbean's <em>Jewel of the Seas</em>
Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas
7-Night Oman & The United Arab Emirates Holiday Cruise
Round-trip Dubai, United Arab Emirates

December 28 - January 04, 2021
14.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™
14 ACPE Credits
14.0 Contact Hours

Course Fees:

$895 for Physicians, Attorneys, Psychologists, Doctors of Pharmacy, & Dentists
$695 for Physician Assistants
$695 for Nurse Practitioners
$495 for Nurses, Residents, Students & Others

IMPORTANT NOTE: All conferees, their families, and guests must book their cruise within the University at Sea® meeting group through University at Sea® at 800-926-3775 or by registering online. This ensures our company can provide conference services and complimentary social amenities to all meeting participants and their guests. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mark H. Hyman, MD, FIAIME, FACP

Mark H. Hyman, MD, FIAIME, FACP
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine Emeritus, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA 
  Dr. Hyman is an internist with more than 30 years of experience and head of HymanHealth, which is located on the Westside of Los Angeles, California. A nationally recognized disability expert, Dr. Hyman provides medical-legal evaluations spanning the continuum of internal medicine for a wide variety of legal and insurance organizations. He has evaluated hundreds of workers’ compensation patients around the country – from NFL players to everyday workers - providing credible and thorough diagnoses, depositions and documentation, often using the state-of-science technology found in his office.

Dr. Hyman had served for 30 years as an Associate Professor on the clinical faculty at the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA). He pursued medical school, internship, residency and fellowship at UCLA. Dr. Hyman is a highly sought-after lecturer, including being the keynote speaker for annual State level meetings, He has authored various medical-legal and internal medicine topics. He has served as editor for the Internal Medicine section of the Medical Disability Advisor, Fifth and Seventh Editions. Much of his work can be found in prestigious peer-reviewed journals including the Annals of Internal Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Archives of Neurology, the American Family Physician, and the Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine. Dr. Hyman is a chapter author and editor for numerous American Medical Association (AMA) books including:
  • A Physician's Guide to Return to Work
  • Guides to Disease and Injury Causation
  • Guides to Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Guides Transition Book
  • Guides to Navigating Disability Benefit Systems
  • Guides 6th edition and accompanying Internal Medicine Workbook
Over the years, Dr. Hyman has been a member of the AMA, American College of Physicians and the American College of Environmental and Occupational Medicine. His FACP designation acknowledges that he is a fellow of the American College of Physicians and has served on the organization's Governor's Advisory Council. His FAIME designation recognizes that he is a Fellow of the International Academy of Independent Medical Examiners. He is past chair of the National Board of Directors for IAIME. Dr. Hyman has testified before the United States Congress as a national expert on disability issues.

Dr. Hyman has received acclaim for his contributions to the medical world. In 2009, WebMD selected Dr. Hyman for its annual "Health Heroes" award. In addition, the City of Los Angeles recognized his involvement with the LA Police Department related to developing police arrest procedures. 

Frank B. Marsalisi, MD, FACOG

Frank B. Marsalisi, MD, FACOG
Director of Gynecology and Pelvic Floor Disorders, OB/GYN Residency Program
Bayfront Health, St. Petersburg, Florida Dr. Frank Marsalisi is the Director of Gynecology and Pelvic Floor Disorders at the Bayfront Health Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program in St.Petersburg, Florida. Originally from New York, he preceded his medical degree from Michigan State University with two years of research with publication in Hypersensitivity Diseases at USV Pharmaceutical and the Upjohn Company. 

After completing his Obstetrics and Gynecology residency as Chief resident at the University of South Florida, he went on to fulfill his four-year commitment with the National Health Service Corp as Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Ruskin Migrant and Community Health Center in Ruskin, Florida. While at Ruskin, he was made a Clinical Assistant Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of South Florida and received the U.S. Public Health Service Regional Health Administrator's Award.

Throughout his residency training and postgraduate career, Dr. Marsalisi has been the recipient of many prestigious university and national teaching awards, including the University of South Florida's Distinguished Professor Award and the John Turlich Medical Student Teaching Award, the Council on Resident Education in Ob/Gyn National Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, and many Bayfront Health Teaching Faculty of the Year awards.

He has been honored as being one of the "Top Obstetricians and Gynecologists in America" by the Consumer Research Council of America, and in 2017 he was recognized by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd to be among the"Leading Physicians of the World"

He is a medical community leader serving on the Board of his county medical association and is a delegate to the Florida Medical Association. He has been a speaker on women's health issues for the University at Sea since 2012.

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Target Audience
Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists
Program Purpose / Objectives
Many primary care selected topics have not been emphasized in traditional training. Yet there is a national trend towards utilization of alternative care systems, allied health providers or non-FDA approved supplements. Toxic exposures are also possible when people work with or use alternative materials. Further, there can be impacts on sleep or work that we need to identify.

Problems that may seem orthopedic in nature may have underlying systemic causes. Thus appreciating causation principles for common conditions can give an important framework for medical decisions. Examples from multiple organ systems will be reviewed with an emphasis on Cardiovascular issues.

  1. Things we missed in medical School-Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements
    • Selected resources available to the provider
    • Overview of alternative non-hormonal therapies
    • Understand normal hormonal pathways
    • Identify bio-identical hormones to incorporate into your practice
  2. Toxicology 101-what is the approach
    • Use steps that can be summarized as "Does," "Can," and "Did."
    • In this process, we will identify what the patient has, what can cause their problem and what may have contributed to this condition.
  3. Sleep Complaints with a focus on Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    • Identify risk factors for Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA)
    • Know the associated medical conditions that indicate OSA may be present
    • Recognize symptoms commonly claimed to be associated with OSA
    • Recall the shifting trends in obesity internationally
    • Complete a USPSTF quiz on OSA
  4. Medical Mimics-medical conditions that look orthopedic
    • Use presenting case history and examinations to generate a working differential diagnosis from an Orthopedic presentation
    • Be able to request additional appropriate testing to define an illness
    • Review literature for specific presented cases
  5. Stress and Cardiovascular Disease
    • Raise awareness of the impacts of stress on cardiovascular outcomes.
    • Look at different models of stress in the literature
    • Know guideline statements for the benefits of work
  6. Causation-what causes the common things we see in practice
    • Understand methods underlying causation
    • Medical vs Legal Causation
    • Thresholds and Epidemiology
    • Bradford-Hill Criteria and Epidemiology
    • Overview of Statistics
  7. Work Ability and Returning Someone to Work
    • Identify the types and sources of mixed messages sent to patients
    • Be able to articulate the negative health consequences of being placed out of work
    • Review specialty society statements on the return to work process
    • Know the generalized health benefits of working
    • Understand what are Risk, Capacity and Tolerance
Additional topics under development
Conference Sessions generally take place on days at sea (as itinerary allows), giving you plenty of time to enjoy your meals, evenings and ports of call with your companion, family and friends.
Questions? Call us at 800-422-0711.
We can assist you with all your travel arrangements. We'd be happy to help you plan your flights, hotels or tours before and/or after your cruise conference.

Cruise Itinerary

Mon Dec 28 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
- -
Tue Dec 29 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
- 5:00 pm
Wed Dec 30 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
8:00 am 8:00 pm
Thu Dec 31 Sir Bani Yas, United Arab Emirates
8:00 am 8:00 pm
Fri Jan 01 *At Sea - Cruising
- -
Sat Jan 02 Muscat, Oman
7:00 am 5:00 pm
Sun Jan 03 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2:00 pm -
Mon Jan 04 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
- -
*Tentative course schedule, actual class times may differ.
Dubai Emirates

Ports of Call

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Dubai is located in the northeast United Arab Emirates and is the capital of the state of Dubai. It is on the west side of the creek; the East part of the town is known as Dayrah. Located at the crossroads between East and West, the emirate's long-standing trading tradition has for centuries brought visitors from throughout the Middle East and neighboring regions. Now modernized, Dubai continues to attract many with its international facilities and its exotic, yet cosmopolitan lifestyle. Dubai has the best prices in the Arab Gulf states for gold, electronics, perfumes, and more. Dubai is a tax-free city.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - The discovery of oil transformed a fishing village into a thriving capital city. Modern Abu Dhabi features futuristic skyscrapers and luxury hotels as well as heritage museums, spectacular mosques, and traditional bazaars.

Sir Bani Yas, United Arab Emirates - Sir Bani Yas is a natural , the capital of the  It lies 9 km (5.6 mi) offshore from Jebel Dhanna, which serves as a crossing point to other islands such as 
Located just off the shore of the  Sir Bani Yas was originally home to largest wildlife reserve. 
Thanks to decades of conservation work and ecological investment, it is now home to thousands of large free-roaming animals and several million trees and plants.
A bird sanctuary as well as a wildlife reserve, Sir Bani Yas showcases nature through activities such as adventure safaris, kayaking, mountain biking, archery, hiking and snorkeling.

At Sea - Cruising - Cruising

Muscat, Oman - Muscat  is the capital and largest city of Oman.  The rocky dominate the landscape of Muscat.
The city lies on the Arabian Sea along the Gulf of Oman and is in the proximity of the strategic Straits of Hormuz . Low-lying white buildings typify most of Muscat's urban landscape, while the port-district of Muttrah, with its corniche and harbour, form the north-eastern periphery of the city. Muscat's economy is dominated by trade, petroleum and porting.

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Questions? Call us at 800-422-0711.
We can assist you with all your travel arrangements. We'd be happy to help you plan your flights, hotels or tours before and/or after your cruise conference.
Please note that our shore excursions are operated separately and
independently of those offered by the cruise line.
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