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Cruise Conference Planning For Your Association

CME Cruise Conference

12-Night Iceland & Scotland Cruise
Round-trip Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 12 - 24, 2023
Royal Caribbean's <em>Jewel of the Seas</em>
Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas

Program Purpose / Objectives
Topics and Objectives under development
Conference Sessions generally take place on days at sea (as itinerary allows), giving you plenty of time to enjoy your meals, evenings and ports of call with your companion, family and friends.
IMPORTANT NOTE: All conferees, their families, and guests must book their cruise within the University at Sea® meeting group through University at Sea® at 800-926-3775 or by registering online. This ensures our company can provide conference services and complimentary social amenities to all meeting participants and their guests. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our staff can assist you with all your travel arrangements.

Questions? Call us at 800-422-0711.
We can assist you with all your travel arrangements. We'd be happy to help you plan your flights, hotels or tours before and/or after your cruise conference.

Cruise Itinerary

Fri May 12 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- 5:00 pm
Sat May 13 *At Sea - Cruising
- -
Sun May 14 *At Sea - Cruising
- -
Mon May 15 Akureyri, Iceland
10:00 am -
Tue May 16 Akureyri, Iceland
- 2:00 pm
Wed May 17 Reykjavik, Iceland
10:00 am -
Thu May 18 Reykjavik, Iceland
- 12:00 pm
Fri May 19 *At Sea - Cruising
- -
Sat May 20 Lerwick (Shetland), Scotland
8:00 am 5:00 pm
Sun May 21 Inverness/Loch Ness, Scotland
7:00 am 5:00 pm
Mon May 22 Edinburgh, Scotland
7:00 am 7:00 pm
Tue May 23 *At Sea - Cruising
- -
Wed May 24 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
6:00 am -
*Tentative course schedule, actual class times may differ.

Ports of Call

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Amsterdam is a great city to discover the charms of northern Europe. The graceful canals of its central district are lined with beautiful gabled houses. It's many, grand art museums display masterpieces of Rembrandt and Vermeer and the largest collection of Van Gogh's work is found here. Fine food is also easy to find along with ample opportunities for shopping (including excellent vintage finds). This great city is well worth a day or two's stay before your cruise.

At Sea - Cruising - Cruising

Akureyri, Iceland -  Akureyi, Iceland's second largest city—affectionately known as the Capital of North Iceland—is one of the country's most important ports and fishing centers. Today, Akureyi is creating something of a buzz for its cool café scene, growing gourmet movement and bustling nightlife. But don't let that fool you. The atmosphere here is always laidback. From a fabulous summer festival program (energized by the near 24-hour daylight), to some of the best winter skiing you could wish for, Akureyi is a great base for exploring Eyjafjörður, Iceland's longest fjord, all year round.

Reykjavik, Iceland - Iceland's capital and largest city is located on the country's southwest coast at the head of Faxafloi Bay. Settled in 877 AD, Reykjavik has grown into an important seaport and center of government and education with theatres, museums and observatories. Interestingly, this modern city still chooses to use water from nearby hot springs to heat all of its buildings.

Lerwick (Shetland), Scotland - Almost 100 islands make up the Shetland Islands, which sit on the northernmost part of the British Isles. Lerwick is Shetland's only town and is a cosmopolitan seaport that offers warm hospitality to its visitors. The old waterfront is filled with pleasure boats, visiting yachts, and more. Travelers can experience everything from lively "theme" bars and clubs to a Town Hall that boasts breathtaking stained glassed glass windows, each with its own story.

Inverness/Loch Ness, Scotland - The Scottish Highlands are home to famous battles, historic castles and to an even more famous legendary sea monster: Nessie of Loch Ness. Explore Inverness' picturesque riverside on foot. You'll pass by the 18th-century Old High Church and the Castle of Inverness, built of red sandstone in 1863 on the site of an 11th-century fortress. Join a Loch Ness cruise to explore Culloden Battlefield, a windswept moor where the Jacobite's last stand took place in the 1760s. Seeking even deeper roots? See a 4,000-year-old burial site built by neolithic farmers at the Clava Cairns. Before you depart, toast your adventure with a wee dram of single-malt Scotch whisky, savoring its distinctive peaty aromas.

Edinburgh, Scotland - The capital of Scotland and seventh most populous city in the United Kingdom, Edinburgh is incredibly rich in both history and modern pleasures. Get the lay of the land with a bird's eye panorama after climbing the 287 steps of the Scott Monument. Then experience history at Edinburgh Castle while art lovers get a "fix" at the Scottish National Museum. Follow either with a meal at the Doric where you can get a fine meal upstairs and fine scotch downstairs. All of the above are within easy walking distance of each other. Follow this with a walk along the Royal Mile and be sure to explore some of the side alleys (called "closes") along the way; that's where the real fun is.

If you're in the mood for a deeper look into Scottish history, visit the National Museum of Scotland where you can get immersed in the earlier lives of the Scots and even see a T. Rex skeleton. Interested in a more botanical experience? How about a visit to the Royal Botanic Garden? A romantic meal at a fine restaurant (even a michelin star restaurant, if you'd like) can be found at Leith, an industrial area near the port that has been given new life as a dining and drinking destination.

Are you a golfer? Ever hear of St. Andrews? You know, the place where they invented Golf. It's here (and yes, you can rent clubs).

Our staff can assist you with all your travel arrangements.

Questions? Call us at 800-422-0711.
We can assist you with all your travel arrangements. We'd be happy to help you plan your flights, hotels or tours before and/or after your cruise conference.
Please note that our shore excursions are operated separately and
independently of those offered by the cruise line.
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